Are You Looking for Fundraising ideas for schools?

Your digital solution to secure funding for your school.

With an array of safe online services to make it easy for schools and students to raise money.

If you’re searching for innovative ways to raise funds for your school, then look no further than Schoolwall. This platform works in collaboration with the Department of Education to provide a range of digital services that help schools raise money with ease.

Schoolwall's FREE Fundraising Tools for Schools

We are proud to present our latest offering – a comprehensive digital toolkit that is tailored to help schools in their fund raising efforts

Schoolwall takes a comprehensive approach to helping schools improve their fund raising efforts.

Our platform offers a free e-site service that operates like a website, complete with media galleries, blog articles, news feeds, promotional offers, calendars, school directories, staff contact lists, testimonials, FAQs, subscriber collections, and more. The e-site can even include a business directory, partners and sponsors tabs that promote local businesses and service providers. By paying a small fee, these businesses can be featured in this space to help fundraise for the school.

School e-site free school website
school event pages

Now you can use the Schoolwall platform to create event pages (evntwalls) instead of printing collateral. This not only saves the school money, but it also provides a digital space for advertisers who want to be promoted at the event.

Parents can set up event pages (evntwalls) for their milestone events or family celebrations, such as children’s birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, farewells, banquets, graduation ceremonies, etc. Each time they do so, a portion of the evntwall fee get’s paid to the school’s fundraising account

digital school competition

Organize unique fundraising campaigns for your school like raffles and competitions digitally. Each student will receive a unique fundraising link that they can share via social media and WhatsApp. Friends and family who receive the link can make safe and secure electronic payments, track and monitor each campaign’s progress through its respective leaderboard.

The solution also provides the ability for schools to sell digital coupons from reputable and local service providers. Now your school can support small local businesses in the community by offering a list of service providers who offer a unique product or service. For example, the school can create a birthday coupon that offers products and services such as cakes, balloons, jumping castles, venue hire, etc provided directly from local businesses. By offering a small discount on their services, the service providers can be featured in a coupon which results in discounted birthday services. Parents will certainly be happy to purchase a coupon to help them save money when planning a birthday party for their kids.

Helping schools to communicate more effectively, save costs & raise alot more funds

Enhancing School Communications with a Comprehensive and User-Friendly Online Platform

It's easy to see why schools need this solution, with over 20 features that facilitate effective management, interaction, and cost savings. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular online meeting platforms like Zoom and MS Teams, live-stream services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom, and social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as survey solutions like Survey Monkey and Survey Anywhere. This means that your school can now have a centralized platform for all its digital communication needs.