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Revolutionizing School Communication and Management

Schoolwall offers a suite of cutting-edge services meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of primary schools, secondary schools, and early childhood development centres. Our platform aims to empower school communities by providing an array of intuitive tools and services, facilitating seamless communication, efficient management, and enhanced engagement. Let’s delve deeper into the outstanding features that make Schoolwall stand out:

1. School e-site:

Engage with your school community by sharing a wide range of information and resources all in one place. From the latest news and articles to important notices and event calendars, everyone can stay informed and engaged with everything happening at your school.

With this centralized hub of information, people can easily access all the school-related content they need, making it a convenient and efficient way to stay in the loop.

2. Concierge Portal:

A seamless visitor management system that effortlessly keeps track of everyone who sets foot on the school grounds. With this innovative component, you have the power to interact with guests, monitor their movements, and enhance their experience.


Enhanced with a digital suggestions box where feedback flows freely, a comprehensive staff directory for easy reference, and a detailed map or floor plan to navigate the school with ease. This feature-packed solution is designed to streamline operations and elevate the overall visitor experience at your school.

3. Employee Portal:

The employee portal, akin to a corporate intranet, is available on both desktops and smartphones, benefiting all staff members including administrators, teachers, ground staff, support staff, SGB, and support services.

This central hub provides easy access to essential tools and resources like staff notices, updates and training materials, ensuring convenience for school employees.

4. Events Portal:

Administer school events such as open days, parent meetings, committee meetings, SGB & PTA meetings, sports events, school camps, excursions, awards ceremonies, RCL inductions, staff functions, team buildings, farewells, birthdays, training events, concerts, fundraisers, and more. These pages offer a range of features:

  • Manage invitations
  • Collect and manage RSVPs
  • Sell tickets for paid events
  • Live-stream events
  • Showcase menus, programs, and seating arrangements
  • Highlight sponsors, contributors, and organizers
  • Share event media and content

5. Fundraising Portal:

Eliminate the hassle of printed raffle sheets and coupon booklets, and spare students from going door-to-door collecting loose change. Say goodbye to cash-handling nightmares and embark on innovative fundraising campaigns:


  • Offer coupons for products or services
  • Host raffles and competitions
  • Organize Fundraisers

Every student recieves a personalized fundraising link to share with family and friends through WhatsApp and various social media platforms. This enables secure electronic payments for their contributions.

6. Communicator

Establishing direct communication among the school, teachers, students, and parents is crucial. Once a parent’s subscription to the school’s profile is confirmed, the following benefits will be accessible:

  • Sending school newsletters and circulars to all subscribed parents and students
  • Conveying essential announcements to a particular grade or classroom group of parents and students
  • Enabling direct messaging between teachers and parents.

Schoolwall is committed to revolutionizing school management and communication, providing an integrated platform that enriches the school experience for all stakeholders.

Schoolwall  enhancinces various aspects of school management and community engagement

Enhanced Communication:

  • Direct messaging between teachers and parents.
  • Easy dissemination of newsletters, circulars, and announcements.

Centralized Information Hub:

  • Single platform for news, articles, notices, and event calendars.
  • Easy access to all school-related content.

Efficient Visitor Management:

  • Seamless tracking and interaction with visitors.
  • Includes feedback mechanisms, staff directories, and school maps.

Comprehensive Employee Resources:

  • Centralized access to staff notices, updates, and training materials.
  • Convenient for all staff members, accessible on desktops and smartphones.

Effective Event Administration:

  • Streamlined management of invitations, RSVPs, and ticket sales.
  • Features for live-streaming events and showcasing details like menus and seating arrangements.

Innovative Fundraising:

  • Electronic payment options for contributions.
  • Personalized fundraising links for students to share.

Cost Savings:

  • Eliminates the need for printed materials and cash handling in fundraising.
  • Reduces administrative overhead with digital solutions.

Community Engagement:

  • Facilitates better interaction and involvement from parents, students, and staff.
  • Enhances the overall school experience with user-friendly tools.

Schoolwall provides unparalleled opportunities for schools to connect with students, parents and communities in South Africa, driving brand awareness, engagement, and growth.

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Overall, Schoolwall as a free service provides schools with powerful tools to improve communication, organization, and engagement without incurring additional costs.

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One of Schoolwall’s key advantages is it’s visually stunning content, which allows you to showcase your school’s unique features and amenities (through the e-site, concierge page, event pages as well as staff portals).


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